“It is a very fortunate thing to meet someone who is able to show understanding for the other person“

Are you considering doing business in China?

Do you already have business activities in China, but they are not working out as successfully as you had expected?

I have been advising German companies already in business in China or planning to expand into China, in matters concerning personnel, sales and marketing, for nearly twenty years. The main obstacles we encounter in our work are the huge cultural differences that exist both on a business and a personal level, and the communication and other problems that this always causes. One of our core competences is in the art of solving misunderstandings and not causing them. Of neither demanding nor expecting the other person to understand, but simply maintaining an appreciation of the interests of all parties, with the aim of bringing about a long-term win-win situation for all concerned.

So why not come and talk to us? With the aid of my small and efficient team, I have always brought all of my projects to a demonstrably successful conclusion. This includes both business planning, and, if required, performance in China, as well as management activities. We will be happy to present you our references and demonstrate our working practises in a personal meeting. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards from Shanghai and Münster,

Wang Consulting China GmbH
Wang Shi

WANG CONSULTING CHINA GmbH, Vorländerweg 110, 48151 Münster, Deutschland/Germany