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“Merging the best of both worlds“

Portrait Wang Shi   Wang Shi

Wang Shi, founder and CEO of Wang Consultants China GmbH

Wang Shi was born on 28.09.1960 in Shanghai, and studied chemistry and civil engineering at the renowned Tongji University, obtaining his degree in 1984; independently active since 1984 in the fields of sales, import and export, technical services and construction site management.
Relocating to Germany in 1990, with advanced studies at the University of Münster, including research assistance and coordination and implementation of international research projects and research assistance at Münster University of Applied Sciences in 1991, he founded Wang Consulting in 1992, enjoying subsequent success with many German and international businesses within a variety of industries, specialising in the areas of sales and marketing. 

WANG CONSULTING CHINA GmbH, Vorländerweg 110, 48151 Münster, Deutschland/Germany