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September 04. 2012 10:06:00

What makes us different to other business consultants?

“The difference between us and other business consultants is not simply a matter of size“

It is the conceptual orientation of our business and not its size that is responsible for our projects’ consistent success. Very often, it is not linguistic or technical misunderstandings which impede mutual understanding and hinder joint success but cultural divergence and fundamental differences in the way the two sides think. One of our major strengths is in removing these stumbling blocks. We are able to do this because:

  • We are familiar with the mentality of both German and Chinese companies;
  • We always ensure that the number of projects we support are manageable;
  • As your contact partner in China, I personally supervise your management team here to ensure that everything is implemented correctly; I also provide support in negotiating and check that the agreed objectives have been achieved;
  • We devise a measures catalogue tailored to the needs of your subsidiary, and compile business plans and feasibility studies;
  • I look after all the formalities relating to setting up your business, and if you so desire, I can also look after the running of the business for a certain time.

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