Why Wang Consulting?

Strategic planning is in itself frequently sufficient; often, all that is needed is to clarify a minor misunderstanding…

China, the huge, problematic, but lucrative market
Many German business involvements in China are ultimately unsuccessful. The possible causes of failure are very varied. In most cases, familiar European sales and marketing strategies are applied without regard for the constantly changing legal and economic conditions prevailing in China. Companies often fail to adequately define their target group and overlook the need for the kind of special pricing policy that the Chinese market requires. The same applies to the need to apply sensitivity in relations with local authorities and the special problems concerning personnel management.
These areas require a strategy that is rooted in a deep understanding of both markets, in terms of their legal, economic and cultural characteristics.
It is precisely this understanding that Wang Consulting integrates in its business processes, allowing it to combine the best of both worlds.

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