Working practices

“The main aspect of our consultancy is performance“

So what is the manner in which we proceed?
Naturally, we begin by examining the local conditions. We specialise in first of all identifying typical problems. After analysing these problems, we formulate clear objectives and solutions, together with a timetable for their market-oriented implementation. These can include:

  • A clear definition of the basic strategic data: what are the products, who are the target customers, which marketing channel should be used?
  • Selecting the right marketing channel for China: direct, local partners, or a mixture of the two?
  • Developing a suitable marketing concept and defining an appropriate method of targeting customers, including the creation of special relationships to key customers;
  • Implementing a multinational business culture (a sense of ‘us‘, being in this together) to counter the often high level of personnel fluctuation in China;
  • Generating performance-oriented remuneration systems (basic salary plus bonuses) based on the premise of being ‘motivated and cautiously courageous‘;
  • Creating a structure of rapid decision making by organising well-functioning communication between decision makers in Germany and China;
  • Stabilising the advantages of a higher price level by employing a sensible brand policy;
  • Extracting the full potential from the reputation of European brands and the quality of western products;
  • Configuring service packages for partner dealers and customers.

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